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Welcome to Dona$ Receipt Accounting System!

Dona$ is a software that is developed for Isha Foundation for managing the donations collected at various location. Dona$ is intended for Isha Foundation, Coimbatore. If you are not the intended user of this site, please close this application.


Isha Foundation is NPO located in the foot of Vellaingiri hills. Large number of people offers donations to Isha in various forms and a huge number of transactions are logged into the Isha Accounting System (Currently Tally ERP9). Looking at the volume of the transactions Isha has decided to move from their existing manual system to a Web based solutions to minimize the effort at the Head office and also for easy tracking and reporting. Isha Foundation Accounts are handled by Accounts office located at Singanullur Office in Coimbatore. Accounts Department issues receipts books to various centers, locations or persons to enable them to issue receipts whenever money is collected for Class participation, subscription, donation, etc. At present, for normal accounting Accounts department uses Tally ERP Accounting Software package. Apart from the for the receipt inventory control, a single user system based on Access Data Base and Visual Basic software is used. This was developed more than five years back and is not only able to take the volume but also does not provide many features that are required for the expanded level of operations. At present different types of Receipt Books are printed and issued to centers, such as (a) Class Donation; (b) Isha Kattu Poo Subscription; (c) Forest Flower Subscription, etc. These books are distinctly pre-numbered with an appropriate prefix. The books are printed with 100 or 50 or 25 leaves, as the case may be. Accounts Department sends these books to classes in various towns within India. Once the receipt is used and the class/event is over, the book is returned to the Accounts department by the centers concerned. The money collected against the receipt is supposed to be deposited to the Bank accounts of Isha Foundation by the respective volunteer/teacher. Pay-in Challan for such deposits made with the details of receipt numbers should be couriered to Accounts by the respective centers. Since for many operations, Isha depends on Volunteers there has been delay in receipts of Receipt Books or Challan. In the absence of effective software tool, Accounts is not also able to have effective control on Receipt Book inventory and track it properly. A proposal is made to develop a web based system that can automate all the major processes followed by the Accounts Department in tracking and reporting the Donation Receipt books and the collections made for Audit Verification. This document describes the complete requirement of Donas (Donation Accounting System) as initially named by Isha Foundations.


This covers Book Management, Advance Amount Management, Accounts Integration with 3rd Party ERP applications and Reporting.

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